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The 3rd China Soybean Seed Industry Summit Forum
was held in Wudalianchi city

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The 3rd China Soybean Seed Industry Summit Forum & Exhibition of Excellent Soybean Seed Fields, Annual Meeting of the National Soybean Industry Alliance & Production and Marketing Meeting, and the On-Site Observation and Discussion and Exchange Meeting of the National Improved Soybean Seed Production Plan were held in Wudalianchi city from September 6 to 8.

This forum has the idea of “ high starting point planning, high quality to create”. In addition,well-known experts in the soybean industry were invited to carry out the Soybean Seed Industry Summit Forum centering on the development status, market dynamics,relevant policies,cultivation techniques, brand building and other contents of the soybean industry in China.Selection of varieties will be initiated during the forum. The organizing committee of the Forum will organize experts to evaluate the the excellent soybean seeds including its resistance , grain quality, yield and comprehensive indicators of the participating varieties, and screen the excellent varieties on display.