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2016 Spring Festival Gala Of Wudalianchi

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The spring festival gala of Wudalianchi was held in the stadium on Feb. 9, 2016. The leaders and the masses got together to welcome the new spring.15 choreographed programs showed a cultural feast for civilians.

The entire gala were marvelous, propagandized the new achievements that our city had achieved, showed good mental outlook that cadres and the masses made concerted effort to build“Mineral tourism city, leisure healthy urban”.


1.Opening dance 《Spring warm of Lianchi》


1.1Hosts of the Spring Festival Gala


2.Music 《Iridescent cloud sunshine》


3.Khoomei and Morin Khoor 《Jangger praise》


4.Jazziness 《Brandish the youth》


5.The selection of Longjiang drama《Zhaojun going out of the frontier pass》


6.Daur folk song《Miss the faithfull heart》


7.Musical Show 《Blue & white porcelain》、《Freedom》


8.Solo dance《Jiuer》


9.Prose accompany the music《Heart to heart, promote the harmony》

10.Music《Like you》

11.Couple Dance Opera, musical allego《Cheerly celebrate the new year》


12.Music 《Take a hug, brother》,《Mother》,《Father》,《I love you so much》


13.Music 《Swan goose》


14.Dance《National beautiful and heavenly fragrance》




16.Sketch 《Don’t kidnap a manly woman》


17.Dance 《Lianchi rhythm》


18.Ending music《Spring ballet》


19.Group photo