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Tengfei Square

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Tengfei Square is located in the north of Wudalianchi City. The city symbol stands like a giant on Tengfei Square. At the bottom of the symbol, the two Chinese characters “腾飞” (teng fei) is inscribed by Chen Lei, the predecessor governor of Heilongjiang Province. The symbol is 21 meters high representing 21century. The five pillars represent Wudalianchi and five economies. The rolling up object in the top represents the rapid development of all walks of life. The 24 bright pearls represent the 24 rivers and the abundant resources of mineral water of Wudalianchi. The dragon is made by the shape of 14 volcanoes representing the taking off of Wudalianchi. Tengfei Square covers an area of 10 thousand square meters. There are China light, fireworks light and other kinds of lights around the square. The square is clean and graceful and it is the public place for holding the recreational activities and other performances of Wudalianchi.