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The Flood Bank

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The bank of Nemoer River is the flood bank. The west side of the bank is the mouth Wenchaer River pouring into Nemoer River, and the two rivers mix together. Nemoer River which originated in Xilufolun (near Shuanglong spring of Beian) of Xiaoxing’anling is the branch of the left side of Nen River. The width of the surface of the river within the territory of Wudalianchi is 3 thousand meters. The depth is 5 meters. There are high mountains, clean water, fertile land, plenty of branches, wet land, and abundant water resources on both sides of Nemoer River, which provide natural conditions for the rich district with plenty of fish and rice. At present, the government is repairing the river channel so as to build an overwater amusement park in the north of Qingshan Park. Once the project is finished, it would be the most beautiful landscape overwater.

The new flood bank is 900 meters long, 12 meters wide. It just like a jade belt surround the south bank of Nemoer River. In the next three years from 2005, it made great contributions to protect Wudalianchi against the unprecedented flood. Stepping on the bank, you can seen the water of Nemoer River running from east to west, the dairy cows eating grass on the grassland by twos and threes, the smoke rose slowly in distance, 14 famous mountains put in order one by one and the lights with various colors on the bank in night, which would bring you to enjoy the splendid scenery of Wudalianchi.