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Shan Kou Lake

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Shan Kou Lake Tourism Zone, which is located in the city of Wudalianchi and on the upper reaches of Nemoer River , is about 65 kilometers away from the state-level scenic spot named Wudalianchi scenic spot .The location and the ecological environment is good here. Harbin, the capital of the Heilongjiang province, is to the south of it and Heihe, the largest port of Heilongjiang province, is to the north of it. Shan Kou Lake Tourism Zone was open to the public in 2000 and became the provincial nature reserve in 2002. It was rated as state-level AAA tourism zone in 2003.

Shan Kou Lake Tourism Zone is mainly composed of natural landscapes, including eight major scenic spots, such as the recreation area on the water, the maze on the water, water bird world and so on. It is an ideal place for wild-bath and drift. There is the Stone Ape Mountain, Sensitive Stone, Gold Tortoise Island, Fort Island and other natural landscapes on two sides of Shan Kou Lake. There are hundreds of  birds and a large number of wild animals, such as the mandarin duck, red-crowned crane, wild goose, Chinese Shaqiu duck, the deer, wild boar and so on in tourism zone. The Shan Kou Lake Tourism Zone is an ideal place of green eco-tourism.

Shan Kou Lake Tourism Zone is 22 kilometers away from No.202 national highway and the railway station of Two Dragon Mountain village. The road is third-class white highway and the traffic is very convenient.

Shan Kou Lake Tourism Zone can provide two star-grade service. The food is main cold-water fish and delicacies from land. The room and board reaches the requirement of environment protection.