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Qing Shan Park

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Qing Shan Park, which is located in the north of the center of Wudalianchi and on the south bank of Nemoer River, is a heart-shaped island .The west tributary of Nemoer River flows into Wenchaer River. The island is formed where the two rivers interflow each other.

There are wild plants, natural fruits, groups of wild ducks, beautiful wild flowers, the singing frogs in the water and the cuckoos in the trees. Its area is about 50 hectares. It was named after the revolutionary martyr called Zhao Qingshan. He sacrificed his life in order to defend Wudalianchi (the former Dedu county ). It was founded in the 1990s, then rebuilt and improved by the government from 2003 to 2005. Now, the Qing Shan Park has been a good place for the local people and foreign tourists to spend their spare time and enjoy themselves. The reed marshes, blue sky, green trees, all kinds of poultry playing in the water and the old men fishing at leisure in the distance form a harmonious picture between man and nature.