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Long Men Rock Stockade Expedition zone of Scientific Research

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The East and West Long Men mountains, which erupted 980 thousand years ago, are twin brothers. It is said that the two mountains are the doors where the little black dragon leapt in and out. It is very magnificent and looks like a long ladder from the foot of the mountain stretching to the sky.

The East Long Men Mountain, which is 577.4 meters above sea level, is composed of black pumice, lapilli and purple glass grain lava. The hillside is Long Men Rock Stockade that is the unique scene of ancient volcanoes in Wudalianchi.

Long Men landscape can be divided into 3 layers. The first layer is the damp areas which are rich in water plants, wild ducks and water birds in groups. The second layer is the vast rock stockade which is hidden in the primitive forest and tightly surrounds the main peak of the Long Men Mountain. The third layer is verdant and luxuriant primitive forests. In the forests, large tracts of timbers like bright red clouds are dazzling and striking.

Volcano Dazixiang Park

In the early spring every year, the trees have not been completely green, the grass has not completely stretched, the snow on the deep mountains has not melt away, but the Dazixiang (a kind of flower) has been in bud ahead of time and gets ready to bloom. The Dazixiang sightseeing zone with the area of 2 square kilometers, which is located in the west of Long Men Mountain and on the primitive stone pond, looks like flakes of pink clouds which are vast and misty. The people are charmed by the fragrance from the far place. The artists, photographers, painters and writers who come from far and near places hold Dazixiang arts festival once a year. The people appreciate the flowers and the landscape, and look for inspiration here, so they really comprehend the glamour and mysterious charm of the wild flowers.

Ancient Stone Pond Primitive White Pine Adventure Zone

The Ancient Stone Pond, which is located in the center of Long Men Mountain and has a long history of 980 thousand years, is the most perfect place of the ancient ecological environment in Wudalianchi. Its total area is about 20 square kilometers. The luxuriant white pines are green throughout the year. Three special adventure attractions are composed of three original white pine forests and three ancient stone ponds. The people can see the unique carving skills of God in the landscapes. The pillar that lies on the stone pond of "Jade Pillar Garden" looks like a warrior fossil and the barrier higher than stone pond is full of jagged rocks of grotesque shapes. "Stone Wall City Wall" is a group of stone walls like the shape of the enclosure. The "wild boar hole" and "Bear barn" on the stone pond under the wall are everywhere. That seems to give people the impression that they have gone into a wild animal paradise.

Long Men Rock Stockade

More than 900 thousand years ago, the East and West Long Men Mountains were formed because of eruption of the volcano in Wudalianchi. There were plenty of flourishing forests at that time. The magnificent magmas like rolling torrents flow along the slope. That shows multifarious and unique lava landscape. After numerous earthquakes and the changes of the earth’s crust, on the shield–shaped lava platform located in hillside platform area of the west of the west Long Men Mountain distributes a lot of different sizes of giant stone groups. The diameter of the bigger rock is more than five meters. When the magmas flew, a number of stones and stelae erupted. Some of them look like animals, birds, towers and cones. The most imposing and magnificent scene is the high barrier that looks like the ancient stockade from the appearance. That is Rock Stockade of Long Men Mountain. It is divided into a large one and a small one and its area is more than 20 square kilometers.

For thousands of years, ancient Dahar hunters walked on the "Ancient Road", on the two sides of which are the high Dazixiang (a kind of flower). There are pines and rosa near the Road. The beautiful scenes are everywhere on the way to "Ancient Stockade Castle". If you look up from the stone platform, you will see the dark-green road on the upper left .It seems to go up to the sky. The magnificent giant stones located between the sky, cloud and the vast stone sea flow along the slope like rivers. The scenery is multifarious and majestic. It seems that the rivers and giant stones fall from the sky. These giant stones are all ancient lava, and the surface of some still preserve the structure of the rope-like flow. After they have experienced the earthquake several times, the rocks are changed into giant stones without pointedness. After they have been weathered for a few hundred thousand years, these giant stones are covered with lichen and moss, and the unique landscape is formed.