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Volcanic barrier lakes tourism Zone

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When new volcanoes erupted, the lava flow cut the ancient Bai River into five bead-like lakes. Because of the supplement of underground mineral water, it does not dry up throughout the year, so it is an underground mineral spring lake, which is composed of hundreds of springs and a great deal of the earth's surface water inflow. Therefore, the fish there is unique.

The five lakes, which set off around the vast lava land in the embrace of the mountains, are different in colors and patterns, whose curve changes variously, showing more graceful scenery. If you want to visit the volcanic barrier lakes tourism zone, you can get on the Shilong River' scenic boat to the north and you will reach the First Lake waterfall. The distance is about 4 kilometres. Then walk a few hundred meters, you will arrive at the boat station at the first lake to transfer the luxury ship, followed by a visit to the first lake, the second lake, the third lake or the fourth lake, the fifth lake. At noon you can have a dinner in the fish village at the third lake, and then return to the city by bus.