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The Agriculture and Ecology Garden Development Project

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Project Name: Agriculture and Ecology Garden Development Project

Project Introduction: This project is planned to be developed in Shuang quan town which located at 9 kilometers north of Wudalianchi City and is the only way to get to Wudalianchi scenic spot, Nenjiang, Weishan Ge qiushan and other farms from Wudalianchi. It is also the industrial district of the series of mineral water product of Wudalianchi. There is only 6 kilometers from Shuangquan town to the world geological park-Wudalianchi scenic spot. Wudalianchi scenic spot is one of the 44 important scenic spots authorized by our country. In 1991, it was established as the national natural preservation areas. In the same year, it was selected as the best 40 tourist attractions of China. In 2001, it was chosen as the national geological park. In 2003, it became the 25th member of the world population and biology protection area. In 2004, it was selected as the world geological park. Wudalianchi scenic spot is the famous volcano and barrier lake tourist attraction of our country. Nearly one million tourists of our country and other parts of the world came here to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Wudalianchi in 2008.

Investment Scale: The total investment of the project is 92000000 Yuan. The fixed fund investment is 81500000 Yuan. The floating fund investment is 10500000 Yuan.

Investment Profits: After the project is finished, the total income is 74000000 Yuan. The profit is 47000000 Yuan. The sales tax and other fees is 8520000 Yuan.

Cooperative Way : Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship.

Contact   Unit:  Wudalianchi Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau.