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The Development Project of Shankou Lake Tourism Zone

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Project Name: The Development Project of Shankou Lake Tourism Zone

Project Introduction: Shaokou Lake Zone with the total area of 84 square kilometers is provincial level natural protection area and was rated as State Class IIIA scenic area in 2005. The reserve is surrounded by green mountains and flourishing trees, and in the wide waters distribute different shapes of bays and islands, which form beautiful nature scenery. The mountains and the waters link up, and forests stand hand in hand. There are famous wetlands and primitive forests in the upper reaches of Shankou Lake. The natural ecological environment is good and the water is unpolluted. It is an ideal tourist resort. 21st century has coming, people’s intention of nature protection is becoming stronger and stronger. Skiing and other entertainment over the ice is welcomed by people. Therefore, we are thinking of developing a big skiing project.

Investment Scale: The total investment of the project is 93000000 Yuan. The floating fund investment is 3000000 Yuan.

Investment Profits: After the project is finished, the total income is 67770000 Yuan. The profit is 26000000 Yuan. The sales tax and other fees is 3800000 Yuan.

Cooperative Way : Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship.

Contact   Unit:  Wudalianchi Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau.