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The Mineral Spring Beer Development Project

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Project Name: Mineral Spring Beer Development Project

Project Introduction: There are five mineral spring zone containing hundreds of springs in Wudalianchi City. The rate of flow of Shuanglong spring (east spring group) has reached more than 20 thousand tons per day. According to the water quality inspection report provided by the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Heilongjiang Province, the silicic acid mineral water of Shuanglong spring is superior to the domestic famous beer of Qingdao. In order to fully develop the resources of mineral water, a project of producing 100 thousand tons of mineral spring beer in Wudalianchi per year has been proposed.

Construction Scale: 100 thousand tons of mineral spring beer per year

Construction Contents: building projects, workshops, raw materials, finishing rooms, comprehensive buildings, dormitory, and dining hall, etc.  

Investment Scale: The total investment of the project is 250490000 Yuan. The fixed fund investment is 175490000 Yuan. The floating fund investment is 75000000 Yuan.

Investment Profits: After the project is finished, the total income is 373438000 Yuan. The profit is 89220000 Yuan. The sales tax and other fees is 24199000 Yuan.

Cooperative Way : Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship.

Contact   Unit:  Wudalianchi Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau.