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Primary School Affiliated to No.1 Junior High School

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Primary School Affiliated to No.1 Junior High School is a newly founded school ,which was built in March, 2008 in Wudalianchi. There are 10 classes, 462 students and 20 teachers. The school provides multi-functional rooms, phonetic rooms, reading rooms and other special teaching rooms. All the teachers are above junior college. The people in this group are of all-round quality, outstanding speciality, full of passion , and great ideal.

The tenet of the school is "The success of the school is the growth of the students". The goal of the school is to "Establish excellent school with characteristics and educate high-quality students" and the strategy is "The personality, cordiality and speciality of education". The features of education are presented in the aspects of art and PE, oral composition teaching, English teaching, and small-size class teaching. The school establishes the motto "seek true knowledge and be honest people", tries to form the school style "pursuing perfect knowledge, be virtuous people", the "Dedicated, learned, caring, and innovative" school teaching style, and "study happily and smartly, think diligently" study style. Based on the class teaching, the school carried out topic research to promote teaching, and applied for scientific research topic called "The research about improving the quality of parents depending on the parents school" and county-level topic named "The Research of Moral Education in Primary School".