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An Introduction to No.1 Junior High School

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Wudalianchi No.1 Junior High School established in 1951, it is a full-time junior high school, it covers 26350 square meters, the floorage occupies 2000 square meters. There are normal physical, chemical, biological laboratory and audio-visual classroom, computer room, library and musical, gymnastic, artistic playroom, the construction of culture is special. There are 36 classes, 1983 students, 126 teachers and workers, among them 31 senior teachers, 64 intermediate teachers, 3 provincial backbone teachers, 23 Heihe municipal backbone teachers. The school insists the idea of development “encourage school relay on scientific research”, allows students to enjoy superior education and receive sufficient development. Under the guidance of correct educational ideas, the quality of education is steadily improved, in recent 3 years, more than 10 students acquired national awards in different discipline competitions, more than 30 students acquired provincial awards. Schoolmen had 46 open classes acquired national and provincial awards, published more than 40 educational papers on national, provincial publications. The school was rated provincial scientific research advanced unit, provincial advanced collective of mass sports activity, provincial advanced collective of “three educate people”, Heihe city scientific research experimental base, Heihe city advanced school, Wudalianchi city educational collective, educational scientific research advanced unit, curriculum reform advanced collective, training advanced collective   and the other honorary titles.