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An Introduction to No.2 Junior High School

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No.2 Junior High School is located on the east of Henen Road in the city of Wudalianchi. It was founded in 1972. At present, there are 12 classes, 453 students and 52 teachers in total. There are 11 high-level teachers, 34 mid-level teachers, and 2 primary-level teachers. Education standard rate of full-time teachers is 100%. 36 of teachers are undergraduates, accounting for 75% of the total number. There are 2 provincial level backbone teachers, 14 Heihe city-level backbone teachers, 16 city-level teachers, 2 provincial level teaching master-hands,3 Heihe city-level teaching master-hands, 4 Wudalianchi city-level teaching master-hands. The area of campus is 29,822 square meters. It is a Heihe city-level standardized school which combines teaching and scientific research .There are labs, reading rooms, computer rooms, multi-media classrooms, music, PE, and art rooms and other complete equipment. The school adheres to the idea that people-oriented, people-first education and strive to build harmonious campus, establishes the school with morality, strengthens the school with quality, prosperities the school with scientific research and constructs the school with vitality. The goal of educating is to make every student have "dignified character, appropriate conduct, strong body and mentality, excellent studies, outstanding talent". The way of quality-oriented education makes all the students be qualified and have their own personalities. The management of teaching and education realized rationalization and standardization.