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The Paean of Shankou

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Nemoer River flows vigorously from the ancient to the future. There is a vast water surface of 84 square kilometers in its 53 kilometers upstream with rising and falling mountains and beautiful scenery. There are unique natural green delicacies and animals in the northern China and the volcano scenic zone form the eco-tourism park. This is Shankou Lake Scenic Spot of Wudalianchi.

Enjoying beautiful scenery of Shaokou Lake in different seasons, you will have various feelings. In spring, everything begins to come back to life, flowers are blooming and even the grass becomes very moving. In the early morning, when the sun rises, the sky is suffused with a rosy light. The surface of the water is covered with golden waves. The sun, finally, jumps out of the cloud. When you walk in the mountainous forests with water around, sometimes the pollen falls into your coat and makes you pleased.

Soon dark clouds get together, it suddenly rains heavily with earth-shaking sound of spring thunder. The whole lake is in the vast expanse of misty, rolling waters. The boundless Xiaoxing'anling Mountain is covered in the rain completely. The brilliant sunshine disappears. The rain carries the dust away at once. The clean air will make you happy and contented. Seen far away, the mountains are green, the water is light green and the sky becomes green, too. The branches and leaves wave livelily and the spring breeze blows over clear water .Life here takes up the brush and begins to outline a new year.

In summer, the sunshine here becomes warmer and more benevolent. When you are rowing on the lake, the foam of breaking waves splashes on your clothes. The isles like sturdy bases of pianos stand steadfastly however the waves invite them. The stone Ape Mountain, Bajie Stone, Shy Stone, Wangyou Stone and other scenery are all top grade in Shankou Lake ecological landscape.

A mountain or a stone here is a beautiful legend. Let's talk about the Golden Turtle Island. It is said that, long long ago, the turtle couldn't swim . One day, drunken Lu Dongbing was bitten by a dog by accident and he was laughed at by the turtle who had just defeated the rabbit in the running race. Lu Dongbin ran after him. When he arrived at the bank, the turtle had to jump into the river . Lu Dingbin wanted to point his index finger at the turtle to fix it. However, he mistook the little finger that could make the stone into gold for index finger. Then it was bitten off by the turtle. After the turtle jumped into the river, the magic power went into effect and the turtle became the Golden Turtle Island . However, the skill that can change the stone into gold disappeared forever. The legend like this added mystery to this land and added imagination to the mountains and rivers. On one of the cliffs , there are a line of mysterious trees whose roots are uncovered and corroded by the time. But they will grow tenaciously and their gestures are always upward. They will never fall down into deep valley and their dreams are flying in the sky.

Taking the motorboat to go against the current, you have come to a world which full of water birds before you can see the trees and flowers clearly. In the tortuous scenic spot, there is a house on the water. It looks like a small boat flowing on the magical water. They are isolated on this lonely island, but they are not hermits because they know Qin and Han Dynasty and also Wei and Jin Dynasty. They passed the beautiful paean to the greatest poets and writers in order to arouse their inspiration.

Maybe we are strangers for the birds or maybe the birds want to show their beautiful wings to the guests from far places, hundreds of birds flocking together fly over our heads and dance gracefully, including sand gulls, wild geese, red-crowned cranes, Feilong and more than thirty kinds of rare birds. There are a couple of mandarin ducks nearby. One is caught in fish net, but in no case would the other one abandon its lover. It calls the name of the lover and dances around the sweetheart as if it were making a demonstration until they flap the wings and soar high into the sky in pair after the lover gets from the fish net.

In the lake , there are more than twenty kinds of rare freshwater fishes, such as Yaluo,Zheluo,Gaobai salmon,Bream etc. Fishermen fish every day with the hope for good fortune and the love for well-off life. A fisherman introduced to people that these little fishes processed would be exported to Japan and other Asian countries, while bigger fishes would be sold to surrounding towns and cities. The most quantity of catching fishes can reach tens of thousands of kilos. From communication with him , you can feel content and pride at the bottom of his heart.

Stepping on the bank, you will find mountain peaks on both sides are reflected in the water and the birds in the trees sing with total emotion. With wind coming, waves beat against shore; cobbles scoured are in various shapes in the sunshine.

At this moment, stepping high and overlooking, you will find that the sky is blue, the mountains are blue and the water is blue, too.It seems that all lives show their vigorous vitality in the blue rhyme.

In the early morning of autumn, ascending the thirty seven-meter Shankou Lake Dam, you can enjoy a distant view of the sun which is jumping out of the surface of water, and you will find that the sky becomes red, mountains become red and water becomes red, too, which make the leaves of the trees on two sides of the bank become red and startle a crane in the sky. It dances in the blue sky to sing the perfect rhyme of autumn.

In the evening, climbing onto peaks of one unknown mountain along stone steps, you will find that leaves on the peak have appeared yellow and you can hear songs of frogs from the pond at the foot of the mountain. A small group of pickers from the opposite road carry delicacies ,such as hazelnuts, mushrooms ,Houtou, etc on their backs. These products, of course, are gifts of the nature.

The night is coming. Two peaks which face each other across the river look like two old men who are playing chess regardless of whispers of the wind in the pines. They talk the topic that the waves used to hear and pay little attention to the outside world. The old men are so quiet and sacred. The blue water is their chessboard and, stars and clouds are their chessmen, telling the stories of the past, present and future of the nature.

A few small white birch rooms, which are located on the hillside between the forest and the cliff, waft unique fragrance of the birch among the mountains. A small-sized holiday village is composed of these birch rooms, including fresh fish restaurants and inns. The couplet"The fish-filled Lake Overflows with delicate fragrance, soaking the hearts with affection; The hill overruns with beautiful scenery, greening the remotest by the wind. "on two sides of the door of fresh fish restaurant expresses that the local people love the nature and the tourists are reluctant to leave the ecological resources here. Above all, the couplet shows that Shankou Lake eco-tourism has good prospects for developing in the future.

At night, when you look at the stars in the sky, the surroundings are very quiet. It occurred to me that fitful songs seem to be heard from GuangHan palace and the jade rabbit is pounding medicine in a mortar. I feel as if my psyche were communicating with the nature.

The stone lights scattered along the lake, the stars in the sky and the shadow of the moon in the water compose a picture of starlight on the water. It is difficult to distinguish lamplight from starlight , and which is on the water or which is under the water. "Pearls fall on the water, making a net of stars; the canvas hangs on the Milky Way of Lakes, leaving the boat be swayed by moon." The lamplight and starlight warm the blue water of the whole lake and also inspire my deep feelings.

It is said that spring water flows eastward, while Newer River flows westward. Maybe it reflects that the locals don't follow others blindly.

When the land is covered with ice and snow, Nemoer River becomes a meandering jade dragon whose secret is coated in white. When people turn on the switch and generate electricity, the clouds that the jade dragon spits accompanies by a huge eruption of water into the sky. Strings of crystal hang on the surrounding pine trees. In the sunshine, the thin fog in the air changes magically into diversified rainbow and glittering colorful crystal among the branches and flash in the distance. How spectacular the scenery is!

Sitting on the horse sledge, you can go hunting in the immense snow-covered forests. The forest roars as if the piano were accompanying. You can sing the song "Look at the flying snow which dances all over the sky and lofty mountains are coated in white. What beautiful scenery in the northern China." The song echoes in the spacious valley and lasts for a long time. It can not only clean up the vexation and fatigue but also set up foreshadowing for the paean of Shankou Lake , preparing for the arrival of the climax of next movement.

The stones of Shankou are treasure, the birds of Shankou are phoenixes, the lake water of Shankou is delicious wine and trees of Shankou are ridgepoles. May the people of Wudalianchi, with their heroic struggle, will play well the movement of realizing a mineral oriented tourist and cultural city, and of accomplishing a well-off society!