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The Legend About Wudalianchi

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In Wudalianchi, it is said that there was not only beautiful scenery but also various fairies in the pool in the early years, including carp fairies, crucian carp fairies and clam fairies. Here these fairies never made trouble and played a variety of instruments in the pool all day. The people who lived nearby often heard beautiful songs and tunes and they could see the fairies play and appreciate the moon at night sometimes. There people never hurt them.

At that time, two brothers who lived near Wudalianchi were the best hunters. The elder brother Mo Hai was an honest and steady-going middle-aged person. The younger brother Mo Jiang was a curious, lively and enthusiastic young man. Mo Jiang hunted with his brother in the mountain every day. Although two brothers were very capable, they led a poor life because of heavy tax of the government and the extortion of local officials. Mo Jiang was a born singer. The poor life did not make a true man give in and the hunger did not stop Mo Jiang from singing. When he sang in the mountain, the birds circled over his head. When he sang near the water, the fish jumped out of the water. His happy songs made people laugh and his sad songs made people tear. Mo Jiang heard of the fairies from the water that played the piano and sang songs, but he had never seen them. So he would like to see what the fairies were like.

One year, on the night of July 15, the sky was so clear that there were not clouds at all. The moon was bright and round. There were no winds and even the trees and grasses were still.

The elder brother said to his brother,"You always want to see what the fairies are like. Tonight a variety of fairies must come out of water and appreciate the moon. You can secretly go and see them."

The younger brother was glad and went out with the gun. Mo Hai also told his brother that the fairies of Wudalianchi were well-behaved and he must not provoke them. The younger brother promised and went out happily.

Mo Jiang came to the pool and lay quietly in the deep grass. His eyes were fixed on the water, and his ears listened to the sound. It was so quiet that even insects did not call. The water in the pool was bright in the moonlight and the rock wall on the other side of the water also glimmered because of the reflection of water. A moment later, something said in the water. "Hei Lin! You go out and see what is happening outside. We want to go out and play." After a while, a tall man with black skins all over the body and two eyes like lamps came out of the water. At the beginning, the large black man stood on the surface of water and looked around for a while, and then moved around the pool. Mo Jiang in the grass dare not move at all. The large black man watched around for a moment again, then sank into the water.

After a while, the surface of water suddenly appeared a long narrow piece of spray. It rolled from south to north until the front of the ancient wall. The place where the spray rolled turned up a large square flower blanket, then a square table, three chairs, delicacies from land and sea and a variety of wine. Three girls came out of the water with laughter. They are all beautiful with bright eyes and pink faces, dressed in red, yellow and green glittering clothes. Three girls stepped slowly on the flower blanket and sat around the table. The girl in green said:" The moonlight is so good, let us sing and dance." Then she took out a few people made of paper of the pocket, and then blew a breath into them. They became beauties in colorful clothes at once. The girl waved her hand, and then a lot of fairies came out of the water with a variety of instruments in their hands. All of a sudden, the beautiful music rang on the pool and several paper people danced to the rhythm of the music. The girl in red stood up and sang:" The bright moon and clusters of stars are over the head, the red lotus flowers are in the clear water, three girls appreciate the moon together, the songs and laughs ring all the time".

The more Mo Jiang looked and listened, the more gratified he felt. He had already forgotten that he was peeping in the grass and could not help standing up to the songs. Just then, Mo Jiang touched the grass. As a result of the sound of the grass, the flower blanket turned somersault, the large surging spray appeared on the surface of water. After the spray vanished, the surface of water was still as smooth as a mirror with nothing. Mo Jiang stood blankly on the bank and regretted what he had done a moment ago. He waited for a while, and then went home in silence without seeing three girls.

From then on, Mo Jiang was always remembering three girls. The songs of three girls constantly rang near his ears and the figures of the girls swayed in front of him. He did not understand why the three kind girls were afraid of people, so he sang before the stone wall near the pool every day. His songs over the pool were accompanied by sounds of water and his voice approaching the sky was echoed by the birds in the sky. Mo Jiang was very eager to meet three girls again.

Mo Jiang heard that someone also sang in the distance after he sang a song in front of rock wall in the evening with the bright moon and gentle wind. The singing was closer and closer, he found that the people who were singing were just the three girls. Mo Jiang sang with deep feeling:" Singing on the mountain can be heard in every quarter, singing on the water is loud and clear, let us sing on the mountain and water together, why do you hide in the water?" After three girls heard the song of Mo Jiang, they sang together :"The people are different in the world, It is difficult to distinguish good from bad, the song of kind people makes person glad ,the evil people is utterly devoid of conscience." Mo Jiang sang again;" I am a hunter named Mo Jiang and specially kill the cruel and wicked. My heart is always caring for the poor and I love the hardworking and nice girls best .Three girls sang again:" We are mermaids in the water and love the warmhearted men in the world. We know you are a good person by your songs. Please come here and talk with us." Three girls waved at Mo Jiang, and then Mo Jiang floated in the air like a leaf. He stood together with three girls. They expressed their emotions and narrated the injustice in the world with the songs. They did not leave until the moon set.

Mo Jiang and three girls became close friends since then. They met and sang near the pool at  night on the fifteenth day of every month. One night, when Mo Jiang and three girls were singing, he remembered the miserable destiny of two brothers and the bitter life of the villagers. Mo Jiang sang with grief and indignation:" The life of the poor is miserable. Beg along the street without food, live in the stable without houses, dress in grasses without clothes. There are 3 knives on the head of the poor. The high land rents, heavy tax and miscellaneous levies. Although you work hard all the year round, it is difficult to support the family. If you meet the famine, you have no choice but to die. There are 3 ways in front of the poor. Freeze to death, starve to death and sit in jail. The cruel men are in power, the poor can not appeal to a higher court."

Three girls were moved by his song. They asked Mo Jiang not to be sad and they would help the poor. The girls jumped into the water and took out a lot of jewels, then gave them to Mo Jiang. Mo Jiang gave some jewels to his elder brother and most of the rest were distributed to the poor who lived on farming, fishing or hunting. The people changed the jewels into money. They cured illnesses, bought food and cloth. Mo Jiang and Mo Hai were glad when they saw the people lead a happy life. The songs of Mo Jiang were louder and louder.

The secret could not be kept forever. The county magistrate arrested Mo Jiang and Mo Hai and forced them to say how they got jewels when he knew that the poor sold jewels. If they could not hand over 10000 pearls, he would let them in jail for life. Although two brothers were tortured and beaten badly, they would rather die than give pearls to the county magistrate and say anything about the mermaids.

The mermaids were angry after they knew that Mo Jiang and Mo Hai were arrested by county magistrate, so they found the county magistrate and asked the cause. The county magistrate answered as long as they gave 10000 pearls to him, two brothers would be free. Three girls deceived the county magistrate with water beads by magic and made Mo Jiang and Mo Hai get out of the prison. They walked into the pool together.

The county magistrate was very glad after he got these pearls. Wherever he put them, he could not be relieved, so he put these pearls in his bedroom. The pearls were filled with the whole room. He was afraid that other people stole the pearls at night, so the doors and windows were shut tight and locked. At midnight, the pearls changed into water and all the rooms were drowned. The county magistrate died in the room. From then on, the songs of three mermaids and Mo Jiang rang around the pool again. When the moon was bright and the stars were few, they got out of the pool and sang. A variety of fairies appeared on the surface of the water and played music for them.

Until now the people who live near the pool can hear different kinds of instrumental music sometimes when they lie on the beds at night.